my singing monsters hack

My Singing Monsters Hack

My Singing Monsters is the game for the whole family who loves musical games. The game is all about collecting the fun monsters and places them on the island and feed them to help them grow.

Enjoying the raising of your monster is fun itself, and the proper knowledge of My Singing Monsters Hack and cheats will enhance this experience.

You can build an island of singing monsters, then while breeding and upgrading happy monster pets you can view your song evolving.

The game allows you to do the unique decorations so that you can decorate your world the way you want!

My Singing Monsters is the game with super excellent graphics and character animation features that makes you fall in love with the game. Exploring the amazing world of the fancy land of the monsters will give you a superb experience.

The game also allows the customization for you island so that you can make use of cool decorations with catchy music.

In short, the game is about breeding, feeding, and listening to the singing of the monsters. But, for doing all this, you need the in-game currencies.

There are seven types of different currencies in the game, i.e., coins, diamonds, treats, shards, starpower, Keys, and Relics.

If you are a newbie to this game and don’t want to spoil your game in the early stages, then go through the article because here we are listing out all the possible ways of how to get free diamonds on my singing Monsters and my singing monsters mod apk as well.

Top 12 My Singing Monsters Hack & Cheats For Unlimited Free Diamonds Coins

1. Make the Monsters Happy

Making the monsters happy is one of the useful my singing monsters cheats because if you put the monster beside one of its likes, then it will increase the happiness of the monster.

Happy Monsters produce coins faster so that you will never run out of the coins ever. Coins are essential for purchasing many items in the game.

2. Daily Login Rewards

Daily login rewards is a great my singing hack that will help you to earn coins, diamonds, relics, and other currencies of the game.

Whether you play the game or not, it really doesn’t matter, but make sure that you will log in to the game regularly because it will help you to collect the free rewards. The login reward helps you to buy different items in the game.

3. Spin Wheel

The spin wheel is next in the list of my singing monsters cheats that help you to earn the massive prizes and the lucky ones will also get a chance to unlock the chest as well.

There is a castle on your game screen, tap on this, and it will show spin the wheel option. A free spin wheel is available once daily from the castle menu. Spin the wheel for a chance to win any of The prizes shown on the wheel, including the special top prizes locked within the treasure chest. Spin wheel prizes scale as you level up.

You can get one more free spin by watching videos. Once you finish off with these free spin, then you have to spend two diamonds for each spin

4. Play Small Memory Games

The Memory game can be selected from the castle menu and is available to play for free once daily. Hence make sure you will use this my singing monsters hack to get some fantastic rewards in spite of using my singing monsters mod apk.

The objective of this game is to remember the position of cards and match two of a kind to win the prizes. The more matches you make, the better your chance at prizes.

If you want to play this game for more than one time, then you can play it by spending the diamonds. The exciting part of this hack is that it allows you to choose your prize, so make sure you will use this my singing monsters cheat.

5. Check Mail Box

Checking the mailbox is one of the exclusive my singing monster’s cheats that will help you to grab some of the incredible prizes.

You can see the Mailbox icon on your game screen tap this icon to claim your rewards. Mailbox often contains with the mails from the game developers that will offer you some rewards for having patience during the server maintenance.

6. Complete the Offers In The Offerwall

Did you know you can earn free diamonds, coins, and treats by completing the offers in the Offerwall? There is no need to use my singing monsters mod apk for this.

Offerwall is the set of tasks regarding downloading the other games, doing surveys, solving the puzzles, and quizzes, finishing the particular level of different games, making the purchase in the other games, and much more.

You can see the market icon on the game screen, tap on this icon, and the window will open where you can see the Free diamonds or coins tab by pressing this; you can see the offers on the Offerwall that have to be accomplished. Fulfill all the offers and grab the rewards through this simple my singing monsters hack.

7. Connect the Game With Social Media

Connecting the game with social media is a fun-filled gaming experience rather than adopting the illicit my singing monsters mod apk.

You can enjoy every aspect of the gameplay by your own but with friends you will get a next generation fun in exploring the monsters world.

You can invite friends to play the game via social media. Friends can help you to speed-up the breeding time and torch lighting. You can share all your new monsters on Facebook or Twitter.

If you invite your friend via Facebook or email id, then you will get the five diamonds as a reward for inviting them.

8. Accomplish the Goals

Goals are the set of tasks, and if you accomplish the goals, then this my singing monster hack will definitely help you to increase your experience points.

On the left corner of your game screen, you can see the Goals icons, tap this image, and you will get a list of the tasks that have to be performed.

Fulfill all the goals and grab the various rewards such as diamonds, coins, relics, traits, and other resources of the game. Do not ever use My singing Monsters apk for earning these resources.

9. Purchase As Many Single Element Monsters As you Can

When you start the game, you will be introduced to the single element monsters at the beginning of the game. You can purchase these monsters from the market at the minimum price.

These are the monsters who give you the breeding adventure on every island. Single Monsters are the coolest my singing monsters hack that will help you to earn the coins in the game.

10. Purchase Islands and Wublins

Islands and the Wublins are the great sources of diamonds and other resources in the game, and collecting it in the early will be a smart move.

The islands will permit you the upgradation of the nursery; breeding structure quicker so that hatching or breeding will be faster; hence you will collect more coins at the beginning of the game.

Wublins are the new monsters to the singing monster world. Wublins are special monsters with special feature of producing any type of currency for you to collect randomly, i.e., Diamonds, shards, coins, or treats. But for purchasing Wublin, you have to reach the 13th level of the game.

11. Make Use of Referral Code

Making use of referral code is next in the list of my singing monsters hack. Every player is assigned with the referral code, and you can submit one referral code per account, and once you submit this account, then you will get 5 diamonds as a reward for it.

In the options you can see the submit referral button tap on this button. Diamonds will be awarded only If the referral code (BBD Id) when you hit the submit button.

12. Sale the Bakeries

If you want to purchase the big bakeries, then you can sell the bakeries. You can use this legit way in spite of using my singing monsters mod apk.

Whenever you want to have the bigger bakery, then you can sell the small one in this way you can earn the coins. You will get 75 coins on each bakery if you sell it.

What are the My Singing Monsters Unlimited Diamond Mod Apk and Generators?

Generators and Modded versions of the game are the online my singing monsters hack tools that provide the players my singing monsters hack apk to get unlimited diamonds and coins.

These hack tools attract the players by promising them to provide my singing monsters free diamonds without any human verification. But this is not true at all. These hack tools ask for the game account details and try to hack your game if you provide any game-related information to them.

my singing monsters cheats

My Singing Monsters Fake Generator

Developers will not allow any online sources to provide such my singing monsters hacked apk because they will do hard work to create such an amazing game, and the only source of income from the game are in-game purchases.

Disclaimer: Spending the real cash is the only way to get “Unlimited” diamonds and coins from the game store. There are no any ways that provide you resources for the lifetime.


Here we are winding up with the list of my singing monsters hack and cheat. Focus on the targets that you want to achieve in the game and use the legal tips and tricks provided by us.

Stay away from the illegal ways that will spoil the gameplay. If you have any other tips and tricks and want us to mention in our article, then feel free to post them in the comment box.

Stay tuned for more details. Till then, Good Bye!